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Monday, 24 January 2011

انفجار كبير في مطار موسكو بروسيا
Pictures-A big explosion at airoport of Moscow, Russsia
أفاذت بعض المصادر الروسية الان ان انفجارا قويا وقع الان في مطار موسكو الولي مما اذى الى مقتل 58 أشخاص على الاقل و203 أخرين جرحوا و سنأتيكم بالجديد حالما نتوصل به.
Exclusive Machahir 123 website : An explosion occurred at a Moscow airport Monday with reports saying there were at least 58 dead and 203 injured following the incident.
RIA Novosti news agency reported people were being evacuated from Domodedovo airport after reports of large amounts of smoke near a baggage carousel.
The Interfax news agency reported that at least two people died.
Russian news agencies cited unspecified sources as saying the blast occurred inside the airport's international arrivals hall.
شاركونا بأرائكم وتعليقاتكم عبر موقع مشاهير123 على الفيس بوك.
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