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Friday, 11 March 2011

زلزال عنيف بقوة 8.8 يضرب جز اليابان متبوع بتسونامي
Japan hit by 8,9 magnitude earthquake followed by a Huge Tsunami
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مشاهير123 - ضرب زلزال عنيف بقوة 8,8 درجات الجمعة شمال شرق اليابان، مما أدى إلى أمواج تسونامى بعلو 10 أمتار اجتاحت سواحل البلاد على المحيط الهادئ وجرفت سيارات وسفناً.
وسقط العديد من الجرحى بعد الزلزال فى منطقة مياجى الساحلية فى جزيرة هونشو حسبما أوردت وسائل إعلام نقلاً عن الشرطة لكن دون الإشارة إلى سقوط قتلى، لافتة إلى نشوب ستة حرائق على الأقل فى العاصمة، حيث توقفت قطارات الأنفاق ودوت صفارات الإنذار وهرع السكان من المبانى.
وضربت الهزة الأولى على بعد 382 كلم شمال طوكيو، بحسب المعهد الجيوفيزائى الأمريكى الذى رفع قوة الزلزال إلى 8.8 درجات بعد أن كانت 7.9 درجات.
English : Machahir123 - The biggest earthquake to hit Japan in 140 years struck the northeast coast on Friday, triggering a 10-meter tsunami that swept away everything in its path, including houses, cars and farm buildings on fire.
Breaking News : Death toll from Japan quake, tsunami rises above 300, several hundred missing: report
Now 29 people dead after Japan quake-
Hawaiian officials open 9 schools on Kauai to tsunami evacuees-
Utility reports fire at turbine building at nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan-
Flights to Tokyo now being diverted to Anchorage according to Airport Operations-
Now 2 Flights on ground now, one more coming-
Small 4.6-magnitude quake hits Hawaii; state is still under tsunami warning from Japan quake
List of estimated tsunami arrival times for locations along the North American Pacific coast
helpline for people in UK concerned about the safety of friends & relatives - 020 7008 0000
Power cut off in four Million house in Japan now -
Tsunami warning issued for entire Pacific basin, except mainland U.S. and Canada

Map displaying areas that are under a Tsunami warning, advisory or watch status-
About 2 more hours till tsunami reaches hawaii-
Japan declares emergency situation at nuclear plant, as cooler not working; no radioactive leakage
U.S. President Obama sends 'deepest condolences' to people of Japan; says U.S. 'stands ready to help' -- White House statement
Witnesses Felt in Kyoto getting on the shinkansen. Sitting in Nagoya. Transportation is shut down-
Officials fear tsunami may have washed over entire islands in Pacific - CNN-
Japanese news agency NHK says 44 confirmed dead, and many more missing-
Tsunami carries away ship with 100 people on board, Miyagi police tell Kyodo News
Japanese coast guard searching for ship with 80 people on board washed away by tsunami sparked by massive earthquake
One train derailed, another missing in Japan's quake-hit Miyagi Prefecture: report
Streets are flooded after a tsunami and earthquake in Kesennuma city, Miyagi Prefecture, March 11, 2011
Obama news conference time changed to 12:30 p.m. EST (1730 GMT) according to the White House
Hawaii - Civil defense officials ordered coastal areas evacuated, including Waikiki Beach-
Guam - tsunami warning lifted
Central America - governments were on alert
Canada - Canada issued tsunami advisories for parts of British Columbia

White House Chief of Staff Daley says fears about tsunami on Hawaii, California seem to have passed
The first wave from a tsunami has reached U.S. mainland along Northern California coast

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