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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

انفجار محطة الحافلات المركزية في وسط القدس المحتلة
Explosion at Jerusalem bus stop kills 1, wounds 25
مشاهير123- اكدت الشرطة الاسرائيلية  ان انفجارا بالقرب من محطة حافلات في القدس يوم الاربعاء اسقط عشرات القتلى وجرحى.
وتوجهت عشرات من عربات الاسعاف الى المنطقة القريبة من محطة الحافلات المركزية وقاعة مؤتمرات في حي يهودي بوسط القدس. وأدى هذا الانفجار الى مقتل امرأة في التفجير قرب محطة الحافلات المركزية في القدس و 25 جريحا . 

A bomb exploded at a crowded bus stop Wednesday in central Jerusalem, killing one woman and wounding at least 25 in what appeared to be the first militant attack in the city in several years.
The blast could be heard throughout Jerusalem and blew out the windows of two crowded buses. There was no claim of responsibility, but Israeli police blamed Palestinian militants, calling the bombing a "terrorist" attack.
A woman died of wounds from the explosion, Israel Radio reported. Israel's national rescue service said 25 people were wounded, including 15 seriously and several critically. Rescuers were seen removing bloodied people from the area on stretchers.
Yitzhak Aharonovich, Israel's minister of public security, said militants planted a 2-pound device in a bag on the sidewalk. An Israeli Embassy official in Washington told NBC News that it appeared the bomb was placed in a phone booth next to the bus stop. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, also believed it to be a terrorist attack.
Meir Hagid, one of the bus drivers, said he heard a loud explosion as he drove by the site, located near the main entrance to Jerusalem and its central bus station.
شاركونا بأرائكم وتعليقاتكم عبر موقع مشاهير123 على الفيس بوك.
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