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Monday, 25 April 2011

 دبابات تابعة للجيش السوري تدخل درعا فجرا يوم الاثنين
Syrian troops swept into Deraa with tanks and snipers today Morning
مشاهير123- قالت مصادر يوم الاثنين 25/04/2011 بأن القوات السورية فتحت النار على المتظاهرين في مدينة درعَا الذين خرَجوا للمطالبة باسقاط نظام الديكتاتور بشار الاسد الذي لم يتردد في ابادتهم كما هو حال الحكام العرب.
و أصافت المصادر بان عناصر الأمن السوري اقتحمت فجر اليوم مدينة درعا جنوب سوريا وداهمت المساكن وبدأت في إطلاق النار العشوائي على المتظاهرين.
والآن نشطاء يقولون لوكالة رويترز إنهم لا يعرفون عدد شهداء درعا، وإن جثثا تقبع في شوارعها، وإن القناصة يجعلون من المستحيل الوصول إليها .
و قالت مصادر أخرى بان دبابات الجيش السوري تقتحم مدينة درعا السورية الصامدة منذ فجر اليوم الاثنين 25/04/2011.
English: Machahir123 - Syrian security forces and gunmen loyal to president Bashar al-Assad stormed the large Damascus suburb of Douma early on Monday, shooting at unarmed civilians and arresting residents, rights campaigners said.
There are injured people. Scores have been arrested. The security forces are repeating the same pattern in all the centres of the democratic uprising. They want to put down the revolution using the utmost brutality.
The campaigner said all telecommunications with Douma had been cut, but one activist managed to escape the suburb after the attack began at dawn and report on the situation.
A number of people were killed and wounded as Syrian troops swept into Deraa with tanks and snipers, rights activists reached by telephone said. They said a 3,000-strong military force swarmed into Deraa early Monday, with tanks taking up positions in the town centre and snipers deploying on rooftops.
The activists said they were not able to count the casualties as the snipers made it impossible to reach them. One activist said:
Bodies are lying in the streets and we can't recover them.
Sources to Machahir123: Gunfire continues in Syria's Deraa Monday Morning

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