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Thursday, 9 June 2011

اختطاف المدونة السورية أمينة عارف في دمشق
American 'gay girl in Damascus' blogger kidnapped in Syria
مشاهير123 - “خطفت” مدونة سورية شابة اسمها امينة عبدالله عارف استمدت شهرتها من مواقفها المدافعة عن الديموقراطية، الاثنين في دمشق فيما كانت متوجهة الى موعد، وفق ما افاد احد افراد عائلتها على مدونته.
واعلن شخص قال انه احد اقرباء امينة عبدالله انها “خطفت” من جانب مسلحين الاثنين قرابة الساعة 18,00 (15,00 ت غ) في احد شوارع دمشق.
وقالت صديقة لها كانت برفقتها حين كانت متوجهة الى الموعد المذكور ان “ثلاثة اشخاص في العشرين من عمرهم خطفوا امينة”. واضافت هذه الشاهدة التي رفضت كشف هويتها ان هؤلاء “كانوا مسلحين” وفق رسالة على مدونة امينة عبدالله.
ولم تتمكن وكالة فرانس برس من تاكيد هذه المعلومات لدى مصدر مستقل.
ولدى امينة عبدالله مدونة تحت اسم “مثلية في دمشق” تعترف فيها بمثليتها وتؤيد المطالبة بارساء الديموقراطية في سوريا.
وانشئت صفحة على موقع فيسبوك الاجتماعي بعنوان “افرجوا عن امينة عبدالله” حيث قدمت على انها سورية اميركية اسمها الكامل امينة عبدالله عارف العمري.

English: Machahir123 - - An American lesbian blogger known for her frank posts about her sexuality and her open criticism of President Bashar Assad's autocratic rule has been kidnapped in Syria after spending weeks on the run.
Amina Arraf wrote a blog called ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’, a mixture of erotic prose and updates about Syria's uprising, including her participation in anti-regime protests.
Her family claim that she was last seen on Monday being bundled into a car by three men in their 20s in civilian clothes in Damascus, the capital of Syria, where homosexuality is illegal.
Miss Ismail said Miss Arraf was detained as she and the friend were on their way ‘to meet a person involved’ with the Local Coordination Committee, an activist group which helps organize and document the protests calling for an end to the Assad regime.
‘We are hoping she is simply in jail and nothing worse has happened to her,’ Miss Ismail wrote.
Her cousin, Rania Ismail, posted on her cousin's blog, that the car had a sticker depicting Assad's late brother Basel, according to a friend who was nearby and saw what happened.
‘Amina hit one of them,’ her cousin posted on Monday night. ‘One of the men then put his hand over Amina's mouth and they hustled her into a red Dacia Logan.’
The day before she was detained, Miss Arraf wrote: ‘I am complex, I am many things; I am an Arab, I am Syrian, I am a woman, I am queer, I am Muslim, I am binational, I am tall, I am too thin; my sect is Sunni, my clan is Omari, my tribe is Quraysh, my city is Damascus.
‘I am also a Virginian. I was born on an afternoon in a hospital in sight of where Woodrow Wilson entered the world, where streets are named for country stars.’
Miss Arraf’s girlfriend, Sandra Bagaria, who she met in January said she ‘crashed to the street’ sobbing when she heard of the kidnapping.
‘I haven't had a moment of calm since,’ she told Fox News from her home in Montreal. ‘And I haven't heard any updates about her since I found out she's missing. It's a nightmare.’
Since the uprising against Assad began in mid-March, a government crackdown has left about 1,300 people dead and more than 10,000 detained, according to human rights groups.

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  1. و الان ماذا بعد الفضيحة المدوية امينة شخصية وهمية بطلها الحقيقي شاب امريكي