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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

محاكمة البريطاني غاليانو اليوم بتهمة التفوه بعبارات معادية للسامية
Designer Galliano faces French court for racist tirade

مشاهير123 - بدأت اليوم في العاصمة الفرنسية محاكمة البريطاني جون غاليانو، كبير المصممين السابق لدار "ديور" للأزياء، بتهمة التفوه بعبارات معادية للسامية خلال شجار مع رواد مقهى باريسي.وسيمثل المصصم، الذي انهارت مسيرته المهنية بدءاً من 24 شباط الفائت، أمام محكمة الجنح في باريس، مع توقع ان يرافع انطلاقاً من ان "إدمان الكحول والعقاقير"
كان أساس العبارات التي تلفظ بها. وقال محاميه أوريليان هاميل ان غاليانو "لا يقوم بشيء" مذ طردته دار الأزياء بعد أيام قليلة على "الفضيحة"، مشيراً الى انه "يخوض معركة صعبة للاقلاع عن إدمان الكحول والعقاقير".
وكان غاليانو قد أوقف مساء 24 شباط في حال من السكر بعد شجار مع زوجين في مقهى "لا بيرل" القريب من منزله في باريس.
"John Galliano said: "I love.......... Hitler
John Galliano arrives at court, wearing a black three-piece suit, with black brogues, black and white polka dot neck tie. His hair is blond and straight. He has the trademark pencil moustache, but no hat. Definitely the sombre look- 22/06/2011.
English: Machahir123--  Former Dior designer John Galliano just goes on trial Wednesday, charged with hurling anti-Semitic slurs in a Paris cafe -- allegations that shocked the fashion world and cost him his job at the renowned French high-fashion house.
Galliano is charged with "public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity" and could face up to six months in prison and $32,175 in fines. The verdict is expected at a later date.
The outspoken British designer will be present at the one-day trial, his lawyer Aurelien Hamelle said.
A couple contended that Galliano made anti-Semitic comments to them in the cafe in February. Galliano was taken in by police for questioning, and an alcohol test showed he was drunk at the time.
Another woman then came forward with similar claims about an incident in the same cafe last October. Both accusations are being addressed at Wednesday's trial.
Days after the February bar incident, a video was broadcast on the website of the British tabloid The Sun showing an inebriated Galliano insulting a fellow cafe client, slurring "I love Hitler."
Verdict in John Galliano trial expected on September 8

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